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image How to manage Time?

A 5-step time management program for more productive days Due to the sheer number of ways you can increase and optimize your time management, we’ve broken this guide up into a 5-step program. Start from the beginning or feel free to jump to the section where you need the most help.

Step 1:

Understand where your time is going a time audit to set your intentions and see where your time currently goesUnderstand the Planning Fallacy so you can be realistic about what can be done in a dayDiscover the unseen distractions that are eating up your time Set up systems to track your daily progress and stay on track

Step 2:

Set smart goals and prioritize time for meaningful work Set smarter goals Prioritize your tasks ruthlessly using one of this practical methods Separate the urgent from the important workUse the 30X rule to delegate more tasksProtect your priorities by learning to say “no” to your boss, clients, and managers

Step 3:

Build an efficient daily scheduleBuild a morning routine that gives you momentum Use time blocking to create a daily template Make time for interruptions and breaks‘Batch’ your communication time Give up on multitasking and context switching Work with your body’s natural energy cycle

Step 4:

Optimize your work environment Get rid of the clutter (both physical and digital)Reduce noise issues with headphones or (the right) music Bring a bit of nature into your workspace Set up your tools for focusTry the “Workstation Popcorn” method

Step 5:

Protect your time (and your focus) from distractions strategic laziness to work on the right things automate non-negotiable focused time throughout the day Use the Ivy Lee Method to end your day properly Don’t forget the benefits of free time Use the right time management tools

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